Thursday, July 1, 2010

World Cup!

Oh, i forgot to mention. Paraguay loves soccer! The played Japón on Tuesday and were tied by the end of the game. but, they needed a winner, so each team had five penalty kicks. Japón y Paraguay each made the first two, and then Japón missed the 3rd, but Paraguay made it. Then, they both made the 4th. So, if Japón made the 5th and Paraguay missed it, they would be tied. BUT.... Paraguay made it, which meant that they won!!!!!!!! everyone was estatic!, and immediately all these fireworks went off around the city. it was pretty cool. plus, there are all these paraguay soccer t-shirts for sale on the streets, and almost every single car has a flag on it. thought i´d just mention that.

but, on the sad side, one of the really good Paraguayan players, who i think made the last goal was shot yesterday. he wasn´t killed, but is in the hospital and will not longer be able to play soccer :( :( :(

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  1. The player, Salvador Cabanas, was shot in January, but the team is dedicating their world cup games to him.