Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday With the Family

I really enjoy the sense of family that Paraguayans have. Lots of their family lives close to one another, and see each other often. At home, I rarely get to see my cousins, maybe once every 3 years, so I really appreciate how we can just go over to my aunt/uncle/cousins´house for lunch.

Sunday, instead of going to Caacupé because it was raining, we went to my cousin´s house for lunch and to watch the final World Cup game. I had lots of traditional foods while there, such as mandioca, and sopa paraguaya, along with a sausage that is eaten a lot.

It was all great fun, and after eating, we watched the world cup (Holanda vs. España). I was for Holanda, and i´m pretty sure most of my family/cousins were too, cause España beat Paraguay, and they weren´t very happy about that. But, sadly, España won 1:0 after about an 1 1/2 of extra time. I also played the Wii for a bit with my cousin Fabrizio, my sister Gabi, and my brother Guillermo. Then, after, my cousin and her friend came home with us. My sister, cousin, cousin´s friend, brother, and I all went to a dance from 11:30 - 3:30, which is clearly the party spot for all Paraguayan teenagers. It wasn´t really my cup of tea, but I guess it was a cultural experience. But, I did see 4 other AFS USA students who are here for the summer, so it was nice to say hi.

An exciting thing happened Sunday. As we were driving home from my cousins´house, i realized that I was understanding basically everything that my family was saying. All of a sudden it is so much easier to talk, understand, and respond quickly. :D

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  1. Erynne-just wanted to say this is a fun blog and it sounds like you're having a blast
    Buena suerte con todo!