Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Day in La Guardería

So, I've been here for 4 weeks. And honestly, it has flown by. I can't believe that in 14 days I will be sitting on a plane for who-knows how long, and flying back to U.S. of A.

Friday (yesterday), was my last day working in the guardería, as for the next two weeks I will be working in the school at Santa Teresita. Well, this is as long as Santa Teresita doesn't extend their winter vacation for another week too (Most schools in Paraguay get another week of winter vacation because it is the coldest it has ever been for a really long time. The ironic thing is, it isn't cold right now.:D haha)

I've enjoyed working with the little kids these past 4 weeks, and I'm actually glad that I didn't get a vacation from volunteering when my siblings got a vacation from school. Most days I do a lot of sitting and watching, which is why I'm excited to work in the school cause maybe I can do some teaching. At 9 am they have their mid-morning snack (yogurt, fruit, cookies, crackers, etc). After, I help them brush their teeth. Then, they either get to play some more until lunch, or we go outside to play. So, I guess, they play either way. I bought two books for them a couple of weeks ago, so sometimes I'll read those. Also, after snack we sometimes do an art project, so I help with that too.

I'm definitely getting good at blowing noses. Haha. I don't think I've ever washed my hands more in my life. And, I'm pretty good at helping to spoon soup into the mouths of little children who don't want to eat :D

But, all in all, these children have really changed my life. They've taught me that you can come from any background, any where, and whether you have a life full of excecities, or one that just scrapes by with the necesities, you can be happy, spunky, and full of laughter. All these children latch on to you the moment you arrive and show that you care about them. They call any one who helps them, and is about 3x as tall, Tía or Tío. It makes me so happy to know that I've helped these children so much these past 4 weeks. Thank you Hogar Infantil Santa Teresita. Thank you ninos!

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