Monday, July 12, 2010

When it Rains, it POURS!!

Weather here in Paraguay can be a little finicky. Some days it will be beautiful, sunny, warm, summer-ish (even though it is winter), but other days, it is raining, overcast, and super cold. Last Friday it rained. And when I say rained, I mean it POURED, and POURED, and POURED!!!! All day, non-stop rain, more rain, and more rain. I was at the guardería Friday, and because of the rain, we couldn´t go outside, which meant the little kids were a little fidgety after awhile, but that´s okay. Here are some pictures of the flooded playground, and the kids who were stuck inside.

When my parents picked me up, it just happpened to be raining cats and dogs, o estaba lloriendo a cántaros. I literally had to jump puddles and rivers of water as I made a dash for the car. Then while we were driving home for lunch, it was like we were driving through a lake. Clearly the roads have bad drainage, for there was so much water, and it was splashing up to the windows on our truck. I was just waiting for our car to hydroplane, but we didn´t. Here are some pictures of the road and the rain.

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