Monday, June 21, 2010


Clearly I'm not going to be a very good blogger, as it has been over a month. Oh well. Quite a bit has happened in the past month. 1st, I GOT MY HOST FAMILY!!!! I'm so glad,and they seem like the perfect fit. I have two sisters, Gabi and Andrea. Gabi is my age, which is awesome. I've talked to both on Facebook, and they are super nice. Plus, i could understand what they were saying (which is good - haha). Then, i have two brothers, Guillermo and Miguel. They are both older than me, along with Andrea, and I haven't talked to either, but i can't wait to meet them. I'm going to be living in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. I've heard that it isn't as traditional as the rest of Paraguay, and more westernized, but that's ok. i'm happy with whatever, as long as a get to go and have a great time. Actually, i think it will be pretty cool to live in the city, as i don't get much "big city life" here in Corvallis. I'm hoping to find a music rental store and rent a cello for two months. I heard once that they were arranging somewhere involving children to volunteer at, but i haven't actually gotten a notification of where and what. Time's kinda running out, so i'll probably just find out when i get there.

Also, i mentioned earlier the country specific conference call. So, that was June 6 (i think). It was really helpful. There were 5 or so of us on the call, along with a returnee who did the soccer program. We got to answer questions, and stuff like that, which was really helpful. there were some others on the call who will be living in Asunción, and some that are doing the community service one, so hopefully we'll all become great friends.

I've started packing. I heard from a 2009 returnee that it was super cold when she went (in the 30's), but i checked for this year, and currently they are having weather in the 70's. My dad looked at the average temperatures, and apparently last summer was on average about 20 degrees cooler than the accumulative average of a few years. Guess i lucked out. haha. I was definitely preparing myself for some VERY cold weather, but hopefully it will be a bit warmer. Yay, cause it means i won't have to pack all of my warmest (ski-ish) cloths like long underwear and hats and gloves that i was thinking of bringing. It seems it will be quite pleasant :)

So, just a few things going through my mind. I have to say i'm poco nervioso, but i know i'll be fine. I just hope that i don't forget all the Spanish that i've learned. My goal is to come back fluent-ish. This may seem like a large goal to accomplish in 8 weeks, but i WILL DO IT!!! :D

Well, i've got about 48 hours left here in small Corvallis. Then off to Miami for the Gateway Orientation, and then we hop on a flight to Asunción. How exciting!!! This is something i've been waiting to do for so long, and i can't believe that i'm actually doing it now. I know that when i get back i will be a changed person (in a good way), who can hopefully speak/understand almost anything in Spanish. I'm going to miss everyone.

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  1. AFS is a great program, are you just going for the summer? Have tons of fun! Take lots of pictures ;D