Saturday, May 22, 2010

PDO, etc

I went to the Pre-Departure Orientation two weeks ago. It might not have been the most intriguing day of my life, but it certainly got me exciting for the exchange. I also got my travel itinerary, so i know when i leave and when i'll be back. I'm only gone for about 8 weeks, and in Paraguay for about 45 days. It seems so short already, but I'm definitely going to make the best of my time there. I'm also in the process of applying for my visa, so everything is starting to wind down when i leave (i still have a month).

I think i may be becoming a little obsessive about checking for new info. I check the AFS website, Portal, and my email almost every day. I've found the Forum, which has been quite helpful. And, i finally found time to do that Culture Trek thing.

I am so excited about going. I know that this is truly going to be one of the best adventures of my life time. My friend went to Thailand last year, and I've been listening to her stories. Not only does it make me jealous that I'm not going for longer, but all the stories have made me realize how life-changing/eye-opening these 8 weeks may turn out to be.

I'm still waiting to hear about my host family. It is killing me, not knowing, but i'm trying to be patient. I'm sure I'll hear soon, but I so desperately want to know now. haha. Oh, i also have the country conference call coming up, which hopefully will let me "meet" other AFS-ers going to Paraguay this summer, and hopefully doing the community service program.

So. now i diligently wait for more news, and for the day when i'll step onto the airplane headed to Asuncion! :)


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