Friday, August 6, 2010

My Last Few Days

Time has literally flown bye, and now I have 2 full days left (well, really only one because I have an AFS camp tomorrow) with my family. I have learned and experienced so much these past 7 weeks, and I have become so acustomed to the Paraguayan way of life and speaking Spanish, that it will be very strange, and hard, to leave.

Before I left, I told myself that I was going to dream in Spanish. Well, I have. About 5 times. The first time, about 3 weeks after I came, and that was only partially in Spanish. But this past week, almost every night I've had a dream in Spanish. And last night, it was completely in Spanish. This is pretty exciting, as it really shows that I've learned a lot. :D

Today was my last day working at Santa Teresita. I took lots of pictures of the kids who have all changed my life. At lunch, the directora, Senora Zully, came and gave me a large card that the staff signed and the kids "hand-printed". They also gave me a small towel engraved with Santa Teresita, Asuncion, Paraguay. Never will I forget working with the kids, and I know I will come back and visit.

It seems weird that in 3 days I will be speaking English, not waking up at 5:30 am, not driving through lots of traffic, not seeing all these kids, all my family, not eating delicious food like chipa and chorizo. Yes, I will probably even miss not throwing toilet paper in the toilet. They say time flies by when your having fun, and it truly does. 7 weeks went like that. And now I'm at the last weekend with my family who I have grown so close to.

I know it will be hard to say "Chau". My sister and mom already left on a bus for Buenos Aires, and it was so hard to say goodbye. I don't know when I'll see everyone again, but I can be sure that I will be returning often. Para siempre, Paraguay esta en mi corazon!

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  1. i'm cryyyiiing :( Vení a Paraguaay! Te queremos de vueltaaa! <3 hermanita!