Monday, March 22, 2010

AFS exchange: something that's been on my mind for a while. I love to to travel and explore countries, I love to learn languages, and I love to meet people. What couldn't be better than an exchange? Over the past couple of years, an exchange has been on my mind. I didn't really care where, as long as I got to go on one. The decision to do one this summer was, I have to say, spur of the moment - kinda. More like I decided in three days, rather than three months.

Well, you probably want to know why I want to go on an exchange. There's a long list, but basically it is so that I can experience something completely different and new, along with meeting lots of people and practicing my Spanish. I feel like the community service based exchange that I'm going on will be an eye-opening experience and something completely different from my everyday life back home. But we'll have to see...

The preparation for the exchange has been a beneficial one too, and definitely reminded me that everything takes more time than you think. All the paperwork and doctor forms took longer than I expected. I have to say the most disappointing thing was when I checked on the AFS website, just merely checking in the obsessive habit that I been doing for a month, and saw that they Argentinian homestay had filled up the day before I was planning to apply. :( But, I think that my Paraguayan community service/homestay will be even better and teach me more.

No puedo esperar hasta junio! Hola Paraguay, adios Corvallis!

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